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The goal of Creative Ultrasound Imaging and Training Center is to allow students to learn information about medical sonography and training offered by sonographers for sonographers.

Ultrasound is one of the most versatile imaging modalities and one that has grown exponentially to the point where it has become a household word.  In contrast to other radiation or magnetic based imaging modalities, ultrasound is a painless, harmless, risk free and highly sensitive diagnostic modality.

Although it is encouraging that ultrasound is used so widely in the medical field, unfortunately this familiarity has also tended to minimize the respect for an enormous value of the field of ultrasonography.  From lay people all the way through physicians, too many either believe that ultrasonography does not require a significant amount of skill or education or, that ultrasound is only a screening test for further and more advanced diagnostic studies.  Up until recently, many ultrasound technologists had already been trained either by years of experience in the medical field and/or have obtained bachelor’s degree prior to going in to the field of ultrasonography.  The field has become so popular that a number of relatively expensive “schools” teaching ultrasound have arisen.  These schools neither have accreditation nor approval for vascular ultrasound training and are often run by business entities who know little about the tremendous talent and creativity along with the experience and training required to become a quality sonographer.  Unfortunately, naive attendees of these training facilities may feel that they can take such a short cut to becoming an ultrasound technologist, but many of these graduates end up discovering too late that the training they had is neither extensive enough nor able to provide them with accreditation such that they would be eligible for hire.