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Vascular Ultrasound

Vascular Ultrasound Training Courses:

Vascular anatomy being as extensive as it is, short courses usually cover few portions at a time. At CUI we are able to offer a training in arterial and venous ultrasound imaging of upper and lower extremities, arterial and venous studies of the neck, renal artery Doppler, abdominal ivc and aorta, hepatic veins and portal hypertension studies, pelvic vessels, dialysis shunts and fistula evaluations, ABIs and segmental pressures, vein mapping and ultrasound guided access. So tell us what you need and we create a individualized training session for you be it at a site of your choice.

Introduction to Vascular Ultrasound Training

These training courses are designed for professional ultrasound technicians looking to expand their knowledge of vascular ultrasound. This program is well suited for sonographers or looking to add more skills to their skill set. This is also beneficial for physicians wish to expand their knowledge in the art form of vascular ultrasound. Upon completion of our training you’ll have a firm understanding of the most essential knowledge when it comes to basket where ultrasound exams. Our train staff of medical sonographers or instruct you and the proper methodology to obtain the perfect diagnostic images. We cover many different types of exams during our training courses. As with all of our courses live scanning sessions on living patients will be part of your course curriculum. You’ll find that this hands on experience will be one of the best things you can do during your ultrasound training. Stop by CUI for all off your vascular ultrasound Salinas training needs

Vascular Ultrasound Training Courses – Class Size

We prefer to keep the class size small. This permits us for extreme hands on training for teach one of our students. But keep in the class size small will give us a lot more time for question and answer. Graduates of our formal ultrasound programs will always be competent and ready to work in any Medical imaging center.We firmly believe that this is due to how we choose to operate our imaging center by keeping class size small there’s more focus on personal growth for each one of our students

Who Should Take This Training Course

Sonographers : Sonographers who are either just beginning work or extending their knowledge and skill set into this area and will be working under the direct supervision of staff experienced in this field
Nurses : This is great for nurses who already work in neurovascular or cardio medicine. This is great for nurses who’s practices just implemented ultrasound into their clinic
Physicians & Nurses that specialize in critical care and emergency care : The use of ultrasound for vascular access is on the rise
Primary Care Physicians who want to add ultrasound and vascular diagnostics to their practice
Venous Closure – This is perfect for any physician that perform Venous Closure regardless of the specialty
This is perfect for any professional regardless of their experience or specialty in the medical field has also great for anyone looking to take the national registry examination for ultrasound

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